Raoul Wallenberg School is a joint secondary and vocational school situated in the center of Budapest, Hungary. With 1500 students and 230 teachers, it is a comparatively large institution focusing on the education of so-called „humane studies”, such as health care, social care and special education. Secondary school: In the Hungarian educational system, students usually start secondary education at the age of 14. At the end of their studies, after either 4 or 5 years, students have to take a school leaving exam and thus earn their secondary school degree. Raoul Wallenberg students participate in a general secondary school education similar to the above, but they also attend so-called „humane lessons” such as healthcare, social studies, pedagogy, communication, psychology and the like.



Vocational school:


After successfully accomplishing the school leaving exam, students can join either of the 16 “humane” vocational courses offered by our school. All vocational courses focus on training students for the helping professions, falling into either of the 3 following categories:


-Healthcare vocations (nurses, child nurses, dental assistants, pharmacy assistants, massage therapists, ambulance nurses, nurse assistants, etc.)
-Social care vocations (social assistants, child caregivers)
-Educational vocations (special education assistants, family educational mentors)


Our mission:


Providing a general education to our students and later on preparing them to be competent and reliable experts in their chosen vocation is our most important aim. In addition to this, it is also our ambition to:
- train professional helpers in accordance with EU expectations
- nurture international relationships and student exchange programs
- familiarize our secondary school students with helper professions
- form an inner motive in our students towards an environment-conscious behavior and a healthy lifestyle
- set an example for humane values, such as tolerance, sympathy and altruism.



The legacy of Raoul Wallenberg:


Our school is named after a Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, who worked in Hungary in 1944, at a dark time in history when many innocent people were persecuted. As a secretary of the Swedish Embassy he regarded the saving of pursued Jewish people as his main task. He issued protective passports to many and gave them shelter in buildings designated as Swedish territory (so-called „safe houses”) thus rescuing thousands of lives.
Shortly afterwards, Wallenberg died under mysterious circumstances:  in January 1945, he was to meet Marshall Malinovsky, the soviet commander-in-chief, in Debrecen (a town in Eastern Hungary) but he never arrived there. He disappeared without a clue: his dead body was never recovered, and whether he survived or not remains subject to continuous speculation. His legacy of unselfish humanity, altruism and self-sacrifice against a cruel and ruthless regime is an example worthy to set for all.




Foreign relations:


Raoul Wallenberg School has flourishing relationships with schools from other European countries such as Holland, Sweden and Romania. Projects include yearly student exchange programs, scholarships, teacher’s visits and conferences.
You can read more about these programs here and here.








Principal: Mrs. Gavallérné Kancsal Ágnes
Tel:     +36 1 215 8213
            +36 1 215 7597
Fax:     +36 1 215 8219
Email: human@wallenberg.sulinet.hu
Mail address: 1446 Budapest, Pf.: 402

Location:  1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 1.